<b>Åker 12,1 ha, skog 22 ha</b><br />
Vörå, Larven<br />
Anbud senast 25.10.2018

Åker 12,1 ha, skog 22 ha
Vörå, Larven
Anbud senast 25.10.2018

<b>Åker 6,66 ha, skog 11,1 ha</b><br />
Vörå Miemoisby, <br />
Anbud senast 25.10.2018

Åker 6,66 ha, skog 11,1 ha
Vörå Miemoisby,
Anbud senast 25.10.2018

Kustens Fastighetsförmedling AFM/ Kustens Kiinteistövälitys LKV

We are an authorized real estate company, which offers real estate all over Ostrobothnia. Most of our property is located around 30 kilometers from Vaasa, where the price range is more favorable. Take a look at the properties we are offering right now (in the left column, you can choose different types of properties) and please contact us to get information in English.

Contact us
Phone: +358-50-5575187
Email: info@kff.fi
666 00 Vörå